How it works

There is nothing such as rocket science involved to use this app. Here are the steps to use this app.

  • Provide your Location

    Provide you pick up and drop off location.

  • Choose your Profile

    Riders can choose their profile as a corporate profile.

  • Add Your Organization

    Provide your Organization details.

  • Enjoy Your Ride

    Enjoy your Ride once your Organization is approved by us.

You can make your profile which is completely yours and it has nothing to do with your company or business. This profile includes basic details of the rider like name, phone number, email address, etc.

Personal Profile

The corporate profile is specially designed to enjoy corporate rides. Some basic details are required to create a corporate profile. The bill of the service is paid by the company and it has nothing to do with the employee of the company. They just have to take the taxi service to attend their business meetings or any other work related to the company.

Corporate Profile

Our Benefits

See the Benefits of LynKupTransport that simplifies how your organization can manage their Business Rides.


    It is very easy to use corporate ride app without any inconvenience. You can register yourself on the app by providing an email address, phone number or any social media profile.


    Impress your clients using this state of the art technology. Your clients will be thoroughly impressed as this service is considered only for high-end users. Lynkup Transport has made it possible for you to enjoy this great service, at a low cost.


    As an employee, you are able to see your trips and manage your profile easily.


    You don't have to pay after each trip is completed. Lynkup will work with your business so that you will be able to pay on your statement, based on agreed payment terms.


    Your trips and accounts will be managed by your company representative.


    Thanks to our advanced features and system, you will be able to see reports, statistics, accounts payables, etc.


    This robust app is designed for novices, experts, and everyone in-between. You can register yourself on the app by providing an email address, phone number or any social media profile.


    After the completion of the service, you can give authentic reviews based on your experience provided by the app.

Download App

Download the app now and start enjoying corporate rides with the fingertips of your hand. Cover your distance from one place to another without any inconvenience and that too without wasting your time.

  • Quick & Easy Booking
  • 24/7 Service Available
  • Reliable GPS Enabled
  • Cost Effective
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Earn more money

Enjoy earning the unbeatable profit today itself by launching your own business and normal taxi rides. With the flawless features, you can easily hammer the tough competition of the market.

Safe and reliable rides.

All the drivers attached to this amazing app are properly trained and are checked based on their criminal records and drug tests before they are hired.

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